Product Support
Please select the option that best describes the support you are looking for.  Read the explanation next to each section to gather a better understanding of how each section can assist you.  We take product support very seriously, if you do not see an option that best describes the support issue you are looking for please Contact Us.
Support Center:
If you need assistance with your Click2Enter unit or are experiencing trouble, prior to initiating a Support Center inquiry, please call for a FIELD TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Phone 877-939-3800. Should the field technical support call not resolve your issue, then you will be directed to this section of the website to initiate an RMA ticket via the Support Center. If this is your first time using the Support Center you will need to sign up for an account as directed. If you have already established an account, then please follow the log in instructions.

Product related downloads for Click2Enter.

Product FAQ:
Some of the more frequently asked questions by customers of Click2Enter.  Visit here first for any product related questions or to help trouble shoot.

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